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Psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential space to explore and address any thoughts, feelings, or events that are making life difficult. These could be:

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

There are many different approaches to psychotherapy. I work within the psychoanalytic tradition which focuses on the notion of the unconscious and suggests that we aren’t always aware of what really gets us going. Our true motives, beliefs, desires and fears can be hidden from us, having a powerful effect on our experience in the world and sometimes causing us misery.

The therapy process offers an opportunity to address and explore thoughts, hopes, worries, fantasies, dreams and memories, bringing to light things we might have not known about.

Expressing freely what is in one’s heart and thinking deeply about life often leads to relief from emotional suffering and a different way of experiencing oneself and others.

Gaining a greater understanding of oneself can help a person find their own unique solutions to the challenges of life, as well as enable them to live more fully and creatively.